A Time To Indulge

A Time To Indulge

Cravings that actually work for you

You’re typing away at your desk when out of nowhere you’re overcome by a craving for oranges.

Huh? Why is your body suddenly cheating on chocolate? Don’t freak out; you’re still you. Healthy cravings are actually normal and can even vary season to season.

Tune Into Your Body


If you have good food cravings (don’t worry, we all have the bad ones too), it’s a sign that you are in tune with your body. In fact, listening to the healthy cravings your body has can be a great way to step up your fruit and vegetable intake on a daily basis.

For example, you might crave fresh-squeezed orange juice (or chocolate-covered orange peels) in the winter months. It makes sense that your body would want to boost its vitamin C stores during cold and flu season – so when you crave something healthy, obey your body.

Here are some vitamin C-rich foods that are in season right now:


Sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts
Winter squash


And don’t forget to load up on seasonal fruits like these:


Be sure to hit the next farmers market and fill up that reusable bag!

Laura McIntosh

Laura McIntosh is a fifth-generation farmer’s daughter, and our new contributor to Healthy Bitch Daily. Laura is the host of the award-winning television show “Bringing It Home with Laura McIntosh”, on which she invites viewers to meet the people who are responsible for growing our abundant crops by visiting the farms around the country that produce the freshest seasonal produce. Laura works with today’s most noted chefs to bring home simple and accessible recipes for her viewers to create wholesome, family-friendly meals using seasonal ingredients.

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